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Re: Looking for a "friendly" e-mail service

On 2018-11-26 at 09:37, Mark Neidorff wrote:

> (I know this is not Debian specific, but I think it is useful info
> for the members of the list.)
> Admittedly, I'm spoiled.  I've had a static IP and my own domain for
> nearly 15 years.  I set up a mailserver which has run without missing
> a beat in all that time.
> It is time for me to give the static IP back and stop being my own
> e-mail service.  I'm moving from my static IP to Verizon FIOS, but I
> don't think that really matters.
> Now, I don't like the webmail interfaces and the limited storage for
> old emails that the big players (gmail, yahoo,etc) use.  I like to
> download and process the email locally using either kmail or
> thunderbird (doesn't matter which to me.  I have experience with
> both.)
> If you know of an e-mail service that allows me  POP3 and SMTP
> connections, would you please post it in a reply.

I use Fastmail, which supported both (as well as IMAP) last time I
checked, and I've been a quite satisfied customer of theirs - with
Thunderbird as my E-mail client - for quite some years now.

It's not a *free* mail service, but I'd be surprised if you found any
free service that fits the criteria you specify.

   The Wanderer

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