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Re: Still unable to restart networking on Debian 9 text mode only

Good morning Rob,
Your message is what i am expecting to receive...

Please don't judge me if you are a dedicated developer of Debian. I
love and I am using it since the first versions, but I never come to
this list because I am not welcome in groups in my life, and will be
no different here. And i promisse I you get out from here the faster
as I can, I just can't believe what you are doing to Debian...

In older Debian versions, I am able to just do this:
#vi /etc/network/interfaces
#at 20:00
>ifdown eth0
>sleep 10
>ifup eth0

Debian must have a option during the installation a option like
"Legacy mode"  that install sysvinit, net-tools, and etc this will
make everyone here happy.

Best regards and thank you for freely supporting me.
Now, im just gone.

Em dom, 25 de nov de 2018 às 14:26, Rob van der Putten <rob@xxxxxxx> escreveu:
> Hi there
> On 24/11/2018 18:25, Gary Dale wrote:
> > Reco has already explained why this approach is incorrect.
> >
> > My own two cents on the problem is that Interfaces is meant to define
> > how the network is brought up, not to change a running network. If you
> > want to change a running network, use ifconfig or ip to change the
> > address. e.g. ifconfig enp-s3 should work since all you are
> > changing is the ip address.
> I found this out the 'hard' way;
> Edit '/etc/network/interfaces', '( ifdown eth0 ; sleep 1 ; ifup eth0 )
> &' used to work, even over SSH. But with Stretch this no longer works.
> With Stretch, I even had to write a script to bring up the WAN (VLAN +
> PPPoE);
> http://www.sput.nl/internet/xs4all/config.html
> This doesn't bother me, but it does show that high level out of the box
> doesn't necessarily behave the way you might expect. In which case low
> level plus scripts works just fine.
> Regards,
> Rob

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