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Re: Squid HTTPS

On Fri, Nov 23, at 5:58 PM Eriel Perez wrote (Translated into English):
As the subject says I want to implement an acl that prevents for example
download files mp3, zip, rar etc from squi proxy. I have achieved it with
http but not with https

I'm not a full expert on https, but think that the encryption aspect  might prevent determining file types.

here goes something of the code that works with http

acl blockfiles urlpath_regex -i "C: \\ Squid \\ etc \\ squid \\ blocks_files.txt"
error_directory C: \ Squid \ usr \ share \ squid \ errors \ en
deny_info ERR_BLOCKED_FILES blockfiles
http_access deny blockfiles

I'm not sure you *know* file types, due to the Encryption.  

In fact, isn't this one way people get around Political Censorship? 

Best regards,

Kenneth Parker