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Re: SSH & X11 forwarding

Am Freitag, 23. November 2018, 14:48:09 CET schrieb Martin:
Hi Martin,

did you try 

ssh -X -l yourusername 192.168.what_ip.whatever?

This should work by default. Any graphical application should then show on 
your client (as fas as you have linux on it at all).

Running this from Windows, you need an extra X-Server.

Hope this helps.



> Hi list members,
> I have not used X11 over ssh for years now. But today is the day! And it
> does not work.... The remote console tells me 'Xt error: Can't open
> display: :0'.
> X11Forwarding is enabled on client and server, 'xhost +' on the client,
> DISPLAY is set. IPv6 is disabled on both ends with sysctl and in
> sshd_config. Client runs with xfce.
> What did I miss?