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Re: Install openssh-server jessie version deb package on stretch

On Thu, Nov 22, 2018 at 08:40:52PM +0100, owl700@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Thanks Roberto,
> I have tried also the latest dropbear server but this is incompatible too
> Do you have idea how can I find appropriate key exchange and cipher algorithms?
Please don't top post.  It is considered impolite.

I do not use dropbear, but I would expect its documentation should
provide a list of supported key exchange and cipher algorithms.  You
could then look at the output of 'ssh -Q kex' and 'ssh -Q cipher' for
lists of key exchange and cipher algorithms supported by ssh on your
system, respectively.

I also forgot to mention in my earlier reply that you might need to
specify weaker MAC algorithms.  Available MAC algorithms can be obtained
with 'ssh -Q mac'.



Roberto C. Sánchez