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Re: Unable to boot BIOS/GPT system.

On 11/22/18 9:08 PM, Daniel Fishman wrote:
>> Hi Daniel,
>> in case of BIOS and GPT you have to create a partition for second stage
>> of GRUB. If I can remember correctly its size should be less than 50MB.
>> HTH
>> Kind regards
>> Georgi
> I created it - this is the first partition (the one with bios_grub flag).
> I did things similarly to the description here: https://bit.ly/2utVdNr

Can you try to create all the partitions through Debian's installer. I
have a suspicion that partition type may be wrong for BIOS partition.

You have specified ext2 as file system for BIOS grub which may mean
Linux partition instead of BIOS grub partition (ef02 BIOS boot).