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Re: systemd-networkd and bonding

On 11/22/2018 4:11 PM, Gary Dale wrote:
> I'm running Debian/Stretch (AMD64).
> I'm trying to create a bond between two network devices (currently
> testing on my laptop but also have a couple of servers I'd like to use
> it on) following the Debian Wiki at https://wiki.debian.org/Bonding.
> I got the ifenslave method working as per the first two examples. Then I
> noticed the systemd-networkd method which looks to be the way of the
> future. I put the laptop's networking back to it's original settings and
> removed ifenslave then proceeded with the example, changing the bond
> device's IP to one that works on my network.
> The network seems to come up and the bond device has the correct IP but
> my network doesn't work. Since Mode=802.3ad could have problems, I
> switched it to active-backup, which worked with ifenslave. Rebooting was
> slow and when I logged in, I found the network still wasn't working,
> although ifconfig showed exactly what I thought I should see (the bond
> device with an IP address and the two slave devices working but without
> an IP).
> There's not a lot of online documentation that I've found that doesn't
> use ifenslave. Has anyone got this to work using systemd-networkd?

Not tested:


> Also, for my laptop, using dhcp to set the IP makes more sense. The wiki
> article sets a static IP:
> [Match]
> Name=test-lag
> [Network]
> Address=
> Gateway=


See "Example 2. DHCP on ethernet links" and the "Network" section
"DHCP=" at the following URL :


John Doe