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Re: that other OS

Ric Moore wrote:

> I've held mine since 1996 with a Slackware install from floppy disks. I
> worked for RedHat from 1999 to 2000 during the IPO era. Nothing but
> Linux evere since. However I cannot bear the pain any longer. I just
> want to watch a 3D movie on DVD. I sunk a small fortune into nVidia
> cards and 3D glasses hardware and Acer hot-rod monitors, with Gsync and
> 3D Vision blazened on the front. None of this works and hasn't for
> several tears, acording to my google madness hunt.
> Long story short, I bought a Win 10 install package. God heal my
> darkened soul. But, I'm going to use my computer to do things that
> here-to-for has been denied me! Our community has pissed on nVidia's
> shoes once too often. So, we're ignored on the 3D front. And wine
> doesn't cut it playing high-end game titles.
> My computer shits lightening and farts thunder, so it's about time I
> woke up and used the damn thing for something more than Hunt-The-Wumpus.
> I Am going to watch a 3D movie with the shutter specs. I bought the DVD
> for $10 and $500 for better hardware.Heckuva note. Ric

This was a good story :D