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testing/buster: can't alter proxy settings during installation


I'm installing buster on a VM within a network behind a proxy.
During installation I selected a Debian mirror and entered the proxy's IP and port but accidently omitted the beginning http:// .

Of course, fetching the packages database from the server failed. An error message stating »Unsupported proxy configured« was printed to syslog.
I selected »choose new mirror«, selected the mirror again, was asked for the proxy address again and now entered the correct address including http://. Fetching the package database still failed with the same error.

Rebooting and restarting the installation from scratch solved the problem. When I entered the correct proxy address right from the start it worked straight away. 

Steps to reproduce should be easy.
Seems like a minor bug but I can't say if it's in the installer or the proxy scripts.


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