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Re: Install & restore backup: what if I use LVM?


On Mon, Nov 19, 2018 at 07:01:07AM +0100, solitone wrote:
> Thanks to the back2l utility I have a full backup of Debian. Now I
> would reinstall it and recover all the backed up files. However, I
> didn’t use LVM and now I would. In this case, would the
> adjustments needed from the original configuration be difficult?

Probably the differences will be small and it will mostly work,
however "mostly" can still result in a great deal of frustrating
debugging, so personally if I were you I'd:

- Install Debian again how I wanted, with LVM or whatever

- Configure the services again, possibly referring to (but not
  simply bulk-overwriting existing directory trees with) my backups

- Copy my data back into place from the backups

It's not as quick as "press a button, there, it's re-imaged", but it
avoids introducing new problems.


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