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Re: pdfjoin loses web links in the PDFs

On 2018-11-19 6:58 a.m., Steve McIntyre wrote:
Jonathan Dowland wrote:
On Sun, Nov 18, 2018 at 04:16:21PM -0500, Gary Dale wrote:
This is frustrating. I'm running Debian/Buster (AMD64) and just
finished creating web links (mostly mailto:<e-mail address> in a
two-part directory I created using Scribus. I exported the files to
PDF on a Debian/Stretch machine because Buster uses a version of
Ghostscript that breaks the PDF export in Scribus (they recently broke
it on Stretch as well, but I put the older Ghostscript 9.20 version on
hold so I can still use Scribus).

The PDF files I created worked fine individually but when I tried to
merge them into a single PDF, the web links are lost. I'm not sure if
this a limitation of pdfjoin or a bug in the current implementation.
That is frustrating. All I can suggest is experimenting with an
alternative PDF joiner. I believe pdftk can do it (pdftk *pdf cat output
qpdf also works well for me, although the command line can be a little

It does seem a little odd to have to specify the file to manipulated as "empty" then add the pages from the two files I wanted to merge, but it did work. The links were preserved.

In my case the command line read:

    qpdf --empty --pages cabinet.pdf 1-z clubs.pdf 1-z -- 2018-2019-directory.pdf

where the first 2 pdf files are the input and the last one is the output.