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Re: fetchmail


On Sun, Nov 18, 2018 at 07:05:48PM +0000, Glenn English wrote:
> It seems that fetchmail doesn't exist in Buster (Buster's apt and
> aptitude say it doesn't exist -- aptitude in Stretch shows a package).

True. The reason for the removal was #768843, currently fixed in
experimental only.

> This means I can't use Mutt if my email is in a box on the other side
> of the LAN?

getmail, plain IMAP/POP3, ssh tunnel, even using SMTP the way it was
intended - there are many alternatives.

> Anybody know: am I wrong somehow; why fetchmail went away; if Buster'd
> be upset with the Stretch package?

Looking at the dependencies I don't see anything stretch-specific here.
I'd be wary of "sslproto" stanza, but that's it.