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Re: New SSD on a MacBook Pro

On 17 Nov 2018, at 16:06, Stefan Monnier <monnier@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Didn't use LVM?  Too bad: that means there's a risk your new dirve and
> partitions will get new identifiers so your fstab may need to be adjusted.

Ehm.. no.. I didn’t!

> macOS doesn't touch EFI, AFAIK, so don't expect the Time Machine to
> touch it either.

I also believe Time Machine won’t backup the EFI partition. Therefore macOS Recovery should recreate a default EFI partition when recovering from the Time Machine backup. A default EFI partition that would only contain Apple’s data, and not the Grub2 loader I have at the moment in the current drive.

Regarding you suggestion and the external reader, I need to check if I can find something cheap.