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Re: New SSD on a MacBook Pro

Another issue I have is--how to migrate my debian system from the old original SSD to the new larger SSD?

As for macOS [1], it should be easy. There is a macOS application called Time Machine that allows to backup macOS from the old SSD and to restore it to the new SSD. This would work with a single boot system with macOS, but I have no idea what will happen to Grub [2] in this process.

However my main concern is with the linux partition. How can I migrate it? If I simply clone the linux partition from the old drive to the new drive, I fear something would go wrong, as the new drive is different and would require different drivers, missing in the original linux system.

What would be the best strategy?

[1] I have a dual boot system, and I have kept macOS mainly to keep the possibility of firmware upgrades. [2] Grub allows to boot debian. If I do nothing, Grub starts and boots debian. If I press the "alt" key during startup, the Apple's original EFI boot loader starts and boots macOS.