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Dell Trackpad - No Primary Button

I have a brand new Dell Latitude 5590 laptop on which I've installed Debian 9.6.

An external mouse works fine, but the finger-stick pointer doesn't work (which I don't really care about), and the trackpad doesn't work right (which hampers me).

The trackpad moves the mouse-pointer fine, but the top two buttons do nothing (don't really care), and the bottom left is a secondary click and the bottom right is a middle click (as reported by the "Test Your Settings" area of the "Mouse & Touchpad" utility), and the"tap on the pad" function does nothing.

I found the "Synaptics Touchpad" article on the Debian WIKI, which says that "egrep -i 'synap|alps|etps|elan' /proc/bus/input/devices" will tell me the type of touchpad I have, but that returns nothing, as does a simpler "ls -lah /proc/bus/input/devices".

This document also suggested installing xserver-xorg-input-libinput (was already installed), xserver-xorg-input-evdev (I've since installed and rebooted), and xserver-xorg-input-mouse (I've since installed and rebooted), and to not have xserver-xorg-input-synaptics.

Interestingly, during the original install, the trackpad did not work. I didn't worry about plugging in an external at that time, nor worry about it at that time, figuring it'd be an easy fix post-install (but it's not been).

Googling has pointed at a lot of old material, and suggested the synaptics driver (which the WIKI above suggests against), etc, so I'm not sure what the canonical way is to go about fixing this. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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