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Re: gnome-software is using up my internet data

On 11/15/2018 05:56 AM, Anil Duggirala wrote:
Ive got 2 questions:
1. The process gnome-software is downloading up of 10 MB every time (or many times) I connect to the internet, this is killing my internet data quota.
Can someone tell me how to disable this, what exactly is gnome-software doing (it does not seem to be searching for updates)?

Are you sure Gnome itself is culprit? [E.G. SeaMonkey has an option for routinely checking for updates]

Back in the days of Squeeze, being on dial-up, I had to deal with similar issues. I started out installing/updating from purchased DVD sets thus sources.list did not know the internet existed.

Later finding Gnome3 functionally unacceptable, I did no upgrades until MATE was available. About that time I gained wideband access with a 2GB data cap. Due to personal preference and my definition of convenience I still tend to do initial installs from DVD. My typical usage is slightly more than 1GB/month. When Stretch was initially released I did a netinstall "DVD not yet available". That month I went over the data cap. But my carrier rolls over unused data so there was no problem. While using that install I had no undesired data usage.

I would suggest investigating MATE. Does it meet your functional needs?

2. Is there a way to set a metered connection in debian so every time I connect using usb tethering the system knows not to use more data than completely necessary at the time?
Or every time I use a particular connection it know not to use more data than necessary?

I have no background on that question.