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Re: What is the best way to install vim 8.1 on stretch?

On Thu, Nov 15, 2018 at 03:13:37PM +0100, Shane Dev wrote:
>      So, I can't offer a better suggestion than those already offered
>      (rebuild from source package or install with pinning, though I would
>      personally opt for rebuilding the package from buster).  However, I am
>      quite curious what new features are in vim 8.1 that would cause you to
>      go to all the trouble.
>    [1]https://www.vim.org/vim-8.1-released.php - The main new feature of Vim
>    8.1 is support for running a terminal in a Vim window  
>    but I am having second thoughts after reading the dire warnings in
>    [2]https://wiki.debian.org/AptPreferences -
>    <!> When pinning, you must ensure compatibility of packages by yourself
>    since Debian does not guarantee it. Note that pinning is completely
>    optional, and Debian does not encourage pinning without thorough
>    consideration.
>    /!\ Seriously, don't do this. Doing this will break Debian and leave you
>    with a system that doesn't work and can't be fixed. Use Backports instead!
Rebuilding from source is fairly straightforward, so I would recommend
that approach over pinning.  Here is an article I wrote that explains
the process:


Lots of other HOWTOs out there as well, I just know that the process I
documented in the article works well for me.



Roberto C. Sánchez