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startup prob

stretch, RPi

Just installed stretch on an RPi. SSH doesn't start on boot. No
problem with postfix, apache, proftp, bind, etc, as far as I know.

I tried to have it start at boot via Webmin; systemd said it wouldn't
do that without a command. It didn't say what kind of command it
wanted or where to put it, but there are several commands on the

I went to /etc/init.d. There's an ssh script there, and systemd
started the server when I ran the script.

I went to /etc/default, and the script there said it was sourced into
an init.d script.

The man page talks a lot about how to start things, but I couldn't
find anything about where to put the data.

Anyone know the incantation to make the s word start ssh? A link to
clear dox on the innards of s.*d would probably be enough. So would a
quick howto.

Glenn English