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Re: Help me Linux

P M wrote:

> Hey, this is Piyush M.
> I am a computer science graduate from 2015.

  you were ripped off if you paid for that and the
institution which gave you that degree should be

> It was 2009-10 when first time I heard about Linux. Although in my area
> there was only Microsoft but I managed to download Linux. My first Linux
> was ubuntu. I was very happy to see its function and its working. I enjoyed
> that time without having little knowledge about computer. Since then I feel
> my relationship with the Linux and open source and free software.
> Although right now I am using Windows but still I feel very enthusiastic
> and energetic with Linux; even I don't know what the reason is.
> The reason for this mail is, I am not really very expert or well versed in
> any computer language or any field of computer.

  my statement above is based upon this sentence...

  and yes, you can improve, so get back to work on 
what you are missing.

  year 1. basic computer hardware/software and at 
least a dozen languages from various families of 
languages so you get an idea of what is useful 
for what.

  year 2, add some theory on data structures and 
computational complexity.  basic networking.
graphics and graphic design.

  year 3, data bases, os's, basic components of 
software systems (editors, compilers, linkers,
loaders, file systems, etc)

  year 4, advanced computer architectures, 
multiprocessing, advanced networking

  good luck...

   you notice above i mention nothing about
MS or apps?  that's stuff on top of what you 
learn and is useful, but only if you want to do
that sort of development.

   and, yes, i know that many of the above topics
are worthy of a lifetime of study in and off
themselves, but a CS graduate should have at least
some idea of what they are about...

  all IMO,