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Re: Help me Linux

Pardon my jumping in late and piggybacking on Will's message.

On Tue, Oct 30, 2018 at 06:16:17AM -0700, Will Mengarini wrote:

> > [...] there is no any alternative available in Linux
> > for Corel draw [or] video editing software.
> I wonder whether some of the problems you use those applications
> to solve could be solved instead by coding Python scripts.  At
> first the change in strategy would feel cognitively disruptive,
> but eventually should become more powerful; compare switching from
> composing a GUI layout with a visual tool to using Tkinter.pack().

There are both, though, for instance Inkscape and Cinelerra or avidemux. 

Piyush wrote:

> > My one more query is that there is no any alternative available in linux
> > for Corel draw, MS office, video editing software. Although there are many
> > claims of alternatives but the reality is harsh, they are not as simple and
> > productive as the windows software. Please clear my view regarding this
> > also.

As Will wrote, it depends on what you're trying to do. Can you say exactly
what you want to do, that the Linux applications can't do, or that are more
difficult with Linux tools? The FOSS philosophy says that if you find flaws in a
Free Software project, the polite and useful reaction is to report the issue
to the developers so that they can fix it.
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