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Re: Help me Linux

On Tue, Oct 30, 2018 at 01:47:05PM +0530, P M wrote:
> The reason for this mail is, I am not really very expert or well versed in
> any computer language or any field of computer. But I feel strong
> connection and relationship with Linux. I also love Python programming
> language. Despite of this love and attraction and affection I was unable to
> learn anything because I wasn't having enough time and we people in India
> don't have that much Linux craze and courses available. In short due to no
> guidance I was unable to do anything and I am on the same position since
> last 9 years with only few improvements.

We all start at zero.

> I believe whoever reading this mail is far more knowledgeable and
> experienced than me and having good knowledge of Linux. Please help me!
> suggest me what can I do? how should I proceed? how should I go further in
> the field of Linux? and what can I do with and how to go further in python?

You need to have a goal; something that you want to accomplish.
"Go further" is not a goal.

> way of my seeing. I need clear conception of what I can do and what can be
> done. 

Everything that can be done with a computer, can be done with Linux.

> My one more query is that there is no any alternative available in linux
> for Corel draw, MS office, video editing software. Although there are many
> claims of alternatives but the reality is harsh, they are not as simple and
> productive as the windows software. Please clear my view regarding this
> also.

People who have no experience doing a thing believe that the
thing is hard.

People who are used to doing things in a certain way tend to
believe that it is the only way, or the best way.