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Re: kmail and reportbug problem - error:141A318A:SSL routines:tls_process_ske_dhe:dh key too small

hans.ullrich@xxxxxxx wrote:

> Hello list, 
> I am runnng into a big problem since some days. It is not possible to send any mails using kmail (receiving is working well) and
> also reportbug is not working any more. I am using TLS. 


  likely it was libssl1.1 upgrade which made TLS1.2 the minimum
version, but i'm not familiar with kmail at all so perhaps there
is some setting in there that needs to be adjusted.

  for me mutt sending mail works fine, but i could not use my 
normal getmail setup unless i downgraded libssl1.1 to the 
previous version.

  for getmail/getmail4 and i filed bug for checking dependencies
of libssl1.1 (bug 912067).

  short answer, install latest update from unstable and then 
see NEWS.Debian or downgrade libssl1.1 and libssl-dev to 
previous version and see if that helps.

  if you downgrade and then hold the package then your
apt updates will complain about broken packages.  so i
set up a script to do the libssl1.1 upgrade, then do
the updates and upgrade and then downgrade again, but
in the end i used the workaround from the NEWS file 
instead because i don't like having to work around apt
issues every day.

  hope this helps,