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Re: Help me Linux

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On Tuesday, October 30, 2018 1:47 PM, P M <xpresguru@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hey, this is Piyush M.
I am a computer science graduate from 2015.
It was 2009-10 when first time I heard about Linux. Although in my area there was only Microsoft but I managed to download Linux. My first Linux was ubuntu. I was very happy to see its function and its working. I enjoyed that time without having little knowledge about computer. Since then I feel my relationship with the Linux and open source and free software.
Although right now I am using Windows but still I feel very enthusiastic and energetic with Linux; even I don't know what the reason is.

The reason for this mail is, I am not really very expert or well versed in any computer language or any field of computer. But I feel strong connection and relationship with Linux. I also love Python programming language. Despite of this love and attraction and affection I was unable to learn anything because I wasn't having enough time and we people in India don't have that much Linux craze and courses available. In short due to no guidance I was unable to do anything and I am on the same position since last 9 years with only few improvements.
I believe whoever reading this mail is far more knowledgeable and experienced than me and having good knowledge of Linux. Please help me! suggest me what can I do? how should I proceed? how should I go further in the field of Linux? and what can I do with and how to go further in python? Here everywhere Microsoft is going on and no response for open source and LINUX is there, so please help me to clear my understanding, broaden the way of my seeing. I need clear conception of what I can do and what can be done. As I mentioned there is no guidance I have here. I can contribute 2 hours daily along with the job and daily schedule. My love is python and Linux.
My one more query is that there is no any alternative available in linux for Corel draw, MS office, video editing software. Although there are many claims of alternatives but the reality is harsh, they are not as simple and productive as the windows software. Please clear my view regarding this also.

I just have downloaded kde manjaro and soon install it on my laptop to have new experience.
I can understand this is very lengthy mail but its really important to get my doubts cleared and my vision broadened. Please reply me as soon as possible.

Thanks for the time you spent on this mail. Will be happy to see you replied.

If you're novice to Linux, this course ( https://www.edx.org/course/introduction-to-linux ) is worth considering. And if you're facing any error or problem then search for solution on internet (most of them are already asked by someone on stackexchange network or forums) or ask on mailing list if you're not getting any answer and make some friends who're using linux.

Anyone cannot help you until and unless you don't tell what's your problem.