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Re: versioning file system

On Sun, Oct 28, 2018 at 07:54:17PM -0700, David Christensen wrote:
It sounds like you never used VAX/VMS.

No, it was decidedly before my time¹. But you seem to be mixed up on the
point I'm making. I fully appreciate the potential utility of a
versioning filesystem: heck, I'd love it if there was a modern, robust
one that I could enable on my Debian system and reap the advantages of
without any drawbacks; I just don't think the packages that you
mentioned (copyfs, davfs2, fsvs, etc.) deliver that experience.

¹ having said that, I'm very interested in things that are from before
 my time. I'm chair of the historic computing committee at Newcastle
University, UK, and we look after several artefacts from the long history of computing at this University. Some of our most prized bits
 are from the IBM/360 era from the late 1960s to the 1970s. We recently
 took part in a large festival of culture in the city of called the
 "Great Exhibition of the North". More on all that, here:


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