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kmail and reportbug problem - error:141A318A:SSL routines:tls_process_ske_dhe:dh key too small

Hello list, 

I am runnng into a big problem since some days. It is not possible to send any mails using kmail (receiving is working well) and
also reportbug is not working any more. I am using TLS. 

When I want to send a mail I get this message:

error:141A318A:SSL routines:tls_process_ske_dhe:dh key too small 

As far as I understood, this is a problm with a Diffie Hellman key, which might be too small (1024 , 20148, 4096 bit???)
And as far as I read, this is hardcoded in the related libs. However, I do not know, which package is related to this, otherwise I 
could and would send a bugreport. But whih packlage is to blame? It would be nice, if someone could  inform the responsible package maintainers. Thanks already for this.  

It would be nice, if this could be fixed or if someone would point me to a solution, so I would downgrade the related packages.
Thjis message had to be written via a webinterface, as sending directly from my computer is not possible at the moment (and maybe by many other users, too).

Last but not least, it maybe importast, that I am running 32-bit (debian/testing, i386)
Thank you for reading and any help.

Best regards