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Re: Online copies of textinfo content available?

On Mon 29 Oct 2018 at 10:20:30 -0500, David Wright wrote:

> On Mon 29 Oct 2018 at 17:39:13 (+1100), Erik Christiansen wrote:
> > On 26.10.18 22:39, Brian wrote:
> > > On Fri 26 Oct 2018 at 15:13:20 -0500, Dennis Wicks wrote:
> > > > I agree, and I have found a lot of info "complete manual"s
> > > > to be exactly like the man page!
> > > 
> > > Please give an example.
> > 
> > Anyone who has tried info a number of times, in the hope of finding a
> > bit more information than the manpage provides, will have experienced
> > the info fudge, I submit. Here's the first which I recalled:
> > 
> > $ info xpdf
> To be fair, the first line quoted here should be split in two and
> commented on separately.
> "I agree" was agreeing with the complaint of having to install extra
> packages (though it wasn't made clear whether this was just info/pinfo
> or foo-doc packages).
> OTOH the second part, identical man and info pages, seems an
> unjustifiable criticism to me. Why should info-preferers be deprived
> of reading documentation in their format. The whole point of formats
> like Texinfo is that they can generate several formats from a single
> master document.

It is a fact that some invocations of info (or pinfo) give pages which
look like a man page. That's because it is a man page.

> What Brian asked for is an example of a man page that ends with
> "The full documentation for foo is maintained as a Texinfo manual"
> but the   info foo   output has no more information than   man foo.
> If you are determined to find such an example,
> $ zgrep 'maintained as a' /usr/share/man/man[0-9]/*z | less
> might be a good place to start hunting.

Asking for an example was probably a mistake; the respondents' brain
cell wasn't up to it. I'd suggest licences, GFDL and DFSG could be
of import.

'info info' is an example.