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Re: i386 version for chrome

On 2018-10-28, Gene Heskett <gheskett@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> I'm reading:
>>  dns-search determines which domain is appended for dns lookups.
>>  Normally you will specify here the same domain as returned by
>> hostname -f.*
> Which is itself and patently wrong for this since the local dns query 
> path is supposed to be the hosts file first, and failing that ask 
> dnsmasq in the router, failing finding it in the dnsmasq cache, it gets 
> forwarded to the dns server at my ISP. And I've had it setup that way 
> since red hat 5.1 in 1998. 20 years of linux, and another 10 before that 
> with AmigaDos.

The only examples of the dns-search parameter I can find (besides yours)
are of the sort found in the resolv.conf wiki:  


 With resolvconf installed, you can tell it to do nothing whenever some daemon
 tries to modify resolv.conf, by putting resolvconf=NO in the
 /etc/resolvconf.conf file. (Note: this is not the /etc/resolv.conf file!)

 Alternatively, you can use dns-nameserver entries in the appropriate stanza in

 iface eth0 inet static
    dns-search foo.org bar.com
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