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Re: Online copies of textinfo content available?

On 26.10.18 13:20, Gene Heskett wrote:
> On Friday 26 October 2018 10:41:54 Richard Owlett wrote:
> > 1. I don't want to install unneeded packages just to find out whether
> > or not the package might be useful.
> > 2. The info output has an annoying format. A browser acceptable format
> >     {plain text fine --  HTML *NOT* needed} is MUCH more functional.
> Agreed, a good man page is the best. I've no clue why there seems to be 
> an aversion to a man page that has to be scrolled to read it all. All of 
> us have up/down arrows on our keyboards, and 99% have a mouse wheel, so 
> there is no excuse that holds water to not put it all in the man 
> page. "man bash" if you man page authors want to see what a real man 
> page looks like.

Yup, the info menu maze is an irritating impediment. But there is so
much more information in the "as" and "ld" info files than their
corresponding manpages, that they are an essential resource.
Solution: View the info files with vim. Now they're flat files, just
like a manpage, and you can search and weave freely. Problem (info)
eliminated! (And productivity restored.)