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Re: versioning file system

On Fri, Oct 26, 2018 at 02:46:16PM -0700, David Christensen wrote:
I would postulate that most of us use what is provided OOTB -- e.g. by the Debian installer (d-i) -- and what is fully integrated/ supported into the distribution -- e.g. Apt, systemd, userspace, whatever.

Perhaps when I said "we'd already be using them" I shouldn't have
bracketed such a broad group as "us". Let me be clearer: in my 10 years
as a Debian developer, 20 as a user, 10 as a professional sysadmin and 5
as a professional software engineer, I have never met anyone who uses
something like this regularly.

I wrestled with ZFS on Debian a few years back (on Wheezy?). Then and now, Apt offered the zfs-fuse package. zfs-fuse was slow and had a dated feature set, but it worked and was reasonably well integrated into Debian. ZFS on Linux (ZOL) was available as a download. I built and installed it. ZOL was performant and up-to-date, but integrating ZOL into Debian was my responsibility. So, I wrote some scripts and hacked them into the init and shutdown systems. ZFS rocked, but my amateur integration was brittle. And, I soon realized that ZFS is unsupported by the d-i rescue shell. Now I use btrfs.

I haven't extracted the relevance of this passage to the topic we are
discussing, but I do hope you have a backup system.


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