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Re: i386 version for chrome

On Sunday 28 October 2018 04:53:10 Curt wrote:

> On 2018-10-27, Gene Heskett <gheskett@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> >> Gene, the line
> >>
> >> > >dns-search hosts dns
> >>
> >> that you show above does not match anything documented by
> >> the manpages on wheezy. I checked
> >>   interfaces(5)
> >>   resolv.conf(5)
> >>   resolvconf(8)
> >>   nsswitch.conf(5)
> >>
> >> Gene, what are you trying to achieve with that line?
> >
> > Whatever it takes to get a working gateway at bootup. Next time I
> > reboot, I'll kill that line first. If I can't ping yahoo.com, (= no
> > gateway. so it cannot get to the internet) I'll put it back.
> It seems 'dns-search' is fairly well-known but undocumented, the flags
> (if that's the term) 'hosts' and 'dns' seem weird, though (and
> exclusive to your config).
> I'm reading:
>  dns-search determines which domain is appended for dns lookups.
>  Normally you will specify here the same domain as returned by
> hostname -f.*

Which is itself and patently wrong for this since the local dns query 
path is supposed to be the hosts file first, and failing that ask 
dnsmasq in the router, failing finding it in the dnsmasq cache, it gets 
forwarded to the dns server at my ISP. And I've had it setup that way 
since red hat 5.1 in 1998. 20 years of linux, and another 10 before that 
with AmigaDos.

> The dns-search entry would create a corresponding entry in
> /etc/resolv.conf (if you have resolvconf installed--or something, too
> complicated for my pea-brain).

Mine too. And resolvconf is installed by the installer, so the best you 
can do is blow away that link and make resolv.conf a real file with a 
list of nameservers topped by the search order which starts with the 
hosts file, followed by either dns or nameserver which are, or were, 
interchangeable in effect.

> Maybe you know all this already.

The above is what I've understood since my first successful linux 

If its been changed then fix the man pages to reflect todays practice. 
The pages for ip are incomprehensible gibberish.

> *(As per man resolv.conf:
>  search Search list for host-name lookup.  The  search  list  is 
> normally determined from the local domain name; by default, it
> contains only the local domain name.  This may be changed by listing
> the desired domain search path following the search keyword with
> spaces or tabs separating  the  names.)
> So it seems your config would create the following entries in
> /etc/resolv.conf
>  nameserver 192.168.NN.1
>  search hosts dns
> Anyway, hope I haven't added to the confusion rather than the
> contrary.

No. you are confirming what I've been doing for 20 years, but not until 
jessie was I ever forced to put stuff that belongs in /e/resolv.conf, 
into that AND the /e/n/i/eth0 to make jessie work. The armbian stretch 
install is what gave me a working gateway. Nobody elses amd64/arm64 
install based on stretch has worked. I'll try it on an SSD in an old 
dell dimension next after dl-ing the latest iso, but right now a $2.30 
buck regulator in the BoB box driving my big mill has died a horrible 
death, spitting epoxy off the top of the chip, and probably toasted the 
BoB by applying 7x its normal vcc voltage to it while the chip was 
exploding 200 milliseconds after power up on my biggest milling machine. 
So I expect I'd better get 2 of them ordered from ebay today. I also 
bought 10 of that regulator just so I'll have spares.

Out here in the wilds of West (by God) Virginia, I'm often nearly 30 days 
acquiring service parts so when I design something, I am learning to buy 
spares, or draw it up and make it on a milling machine or lathe, 
generally writing my own gcode to make the pcb's. That I can do, but 
make stretch assign a gateway? Taint happened yet except for armbian on 
an arm64.

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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 soap, ballot, jury, and ammo. Please use in that order."
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