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Re: i386 version for chrome

On 2018-10-27, Gene Heskett <gheskett@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Gene, the line
>> > >dns-search hosts dns
>> that you show above does not match anything documented by
>> the manpages on wheezy. I checked
>>   interfaces(5)
>>   resolv.conf(5)
>>   resolvconf(8)
>>   nsswitch.conf(5)
>> Gene, what are you trying to achieve with that line?
> Whatever it takes to get a working gateway at bootup. Next time I reboot, 
> I'll kill that line first. If I can't ping yahoo.com, (= no gateway. so 
> it cannot get to the internet) I'll put it back. 

It seems 'dns-search' is fairly well-known but undocumented, the flags (if
that's the term) 'hosts' and 'dns' seem weird, though (and exclusive to your

I'm reading:

 dns-search determines which domain is appended for dns lookups.
 Normally you will specify here the same domain as returned by hostname -f.*

The dns-search entry would create a corresponding entry in /etc/resolv.conf (if
you have resolvconf installed--or something, too complicated for my pea-brain).

Maybe you know all this already.

*(As per man resolv.conf:

 search Search list for host-name lookup.  The  search  list  is  normally
 determined from the local domain name; by default, it contains only the local
 domain name.  This may be changed by listing the desired domain search path
 following the search keyword with spaces or tabs separating  the  names.)

So it seems your config would create the following entries in /etc/resolv.conf

 nameserver 192.168.NN.1 
 search hosts dns

Anyway, hope I haven't added to the confusion rather than the contrary.

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