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Re: i386 version for chrome

On Sun, 28 Oct 2018 at 05:21, Steve McIntyre <steve@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Gene Heskett wrote:
> >auto eth0
> >iface eth0 inet static
> >address 192.168.NN.2/24
> >gateway 192.168.NN.1
> >dns-nameserver 192.168.NN.1
> >dns-search hosts dns
> I'm assuming that "NN" is a placeholder you've added, and not copied
> verbatim from the file!
> Otherwise, that last line looks suspect. The "dns-nameserver" and
> "dns-search" lines are instructions for resolvconf when setting up
> networking. The "dns-search" line is meant to be passed straight
> through into resolv.conf to set up a DNS search path. A valid example
> from the resolvconf man page is "dns-search foo.org bar.com". What
> that means is that each time you look up something that's no
> fully-qualified (e.g. "foo"), this machine will be looking for
> "foo.hosts" then "foo.dns". That's probably not what you
> want. However, it'll be harmless if you're looking up FQDN hostnames
> all the time.

There seems to be an ongoing theme here with lines that look like
  *search hosts dns
popping up in other places in Gene's system.


Gene, the line
> >dns-search hosts dns
that you show above does not match anything documented by
the manpages on wheezy. I checked

Gene, what are you trying to achieve with that line?