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Re: make check nested variables


more ideas would be:

Add option -d to the "make" command in ./configure.

Or skip the test by setting variable am_cv_make_support_nested_variables
to "yes" before running configure:

  export am_cv_make_support_nested_variables=yes

If skipping the test does reliably help, then the problem is with that
single test. If ./configure gets stuck some steps later, then there is a
general problem with the terminal or the shell which is running in it.

When i do this with the ./configure of GNU xorriso, i get the message

  checking whether make supports nested variables... (cached) yes

The text "(cached)" is emitted it "make" is not run.

The further code in ./configure then acts as if the test yielded the result
which we expect on Debian. See e.g. the result in

If i set the variable to "no", i get
  checking whether make supports nested variables... (cached) no
A following run of "make" yields no suspicious messages. The binary starts
and reports its version.

Have a nice day :)