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Re: make check nested variables


mlnl wrote:
> I meant Alt+Fn or logout and doing it in the console - there it works,
> sorry. And i have observed in tmux and rxvt window (on KDE), sometimes
> it works too on a second try, yes.

So it never fails on the console but sometimes fails two times in a row
on your terminal windows ?

I am running my own ./configure scripts in xterm windows since about
12 years without such problems at least once per week and often more
than once per day.
So i propose to compare the success rates of xterm and console.

If you get a stuck ./configure again, then try to find out whether a
"make" process exists. E.g.
  ps -ef | fgrep make
will list any process with string "make" in its command line.
(So this search run should find at least itself.)

I read in the web that tmux is a bit strange but rxvt is supposed to be
a leaner competitor to xterm. So i still riddle what could cause the
"make" run to stall. A vague idea is that standard input does not close
when "$as_echo" has done its job in

   if $as_echo 'TRUE=$(BAR$(V))
  .PHONY: am__doit' | $am_make -f - >/dev/null 2>&1; then

But why should something prevent EOF to happen on the pipe ?

(Please check whether you find that gesture in your ./configure script.
 It is preceded by the message and a check for already set variable:

  $as_echo_n "checking whether $am_make supports nested variables... " >&6; }
  if ${am_cv_make_support_nested_variables+:} false; then :
    $as_echo_n "(cached) " >&6

then comes above pipe of" $as_echo: and "make".)

Have a nice day :)