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Re: Online copies of textinfo content available?

On 2018-10-26 19:17, Brian wrote:
 >     {plain text fine --  HTML *NOT* needed} is MUCH more functional.

Agreed, a good man page is the best. I've no clue why there seems to be an aversion to a man page that has to be scrolled to read it all. All of us have up/down arrows on our keyboards, and 99% have a mouse wheel, so
there is no excuse that holds water to not put it all in the man
page. "man bash" if you man page authors want to see what a real man
page looks like.

An excellent man page. Intended for masochists and those who have all
the time in the world to read and absorb it. :)

I made the mistake of printing out man bash once. It's really, really long


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