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Re: make check nested variables


mlnl wrote:
> when i compile something in a tmux or rxvt window, sometimes i get:
> $ ./configure
> [...]
> checking whether make supports nested variables...
> and than it hangs. Then i have to go in a terminal, where it works.

What particular terminal program does work ?

The last visible message probably stems from aclocal.m4. In a configure
file of my own i can see the expanded macro code. It should have added
the message text "yes" or "no" if the test had finished.
So indeed the hang seems to be in there.

The test consists of piping a makefile into "make -f -" and checking
its exit value. Hard to guess what difference between tmux, rxvt, and
other terminal programs could make this test getting stuck.

Are you really sure that the problem never appears on the terminal
program which you use for a second try ? (Would tmux and rxvt work too
on second try ?)

Have a nice day :)