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Re: versioning file system

On 10/25/18 7:33 PM, songbird wrote:
David Christensen wrote:
I did Fortran programming on VAX/VMS machines back in the 1980's.  Its
file versioning feature was a godsend [1][2].  I want that on my Debian


   what i really need to do is trust and use git
commits more but i have a block about some
things...  *sigh*

When programming, I tend to do check-in's when I make some kind of progress (ideally, the code builds and the test suite passes).

The trap is when I work for a while, make some progress, make a wrong turn, and then make a mess. A versioning file system makes it easy to get back to "make some progress" and try a different turn.

The compromise is to do a "work in progress" check-in prior to risky turns.