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versioning file system

On 10/25/18 8:59 AM, songbird wrote:
i'm sometimes developing code and in the process manage to mess it up
where it isn't backed up or in any other spot, but i do have this habit of keeping a terminal open with text and i sometimes cat or scroll files there so as long as i don't shut down the system i can go there and cut and paste things.

today this saved me a mild panic as i'd written some code and then thought i'd copied it, but then i'd clobbered that copy doing something else.


and yes, i do make backups here or there, but sometimes i work
faster than i do that.  i also use git, but i don't always stash
temporary copies all the time.  today i actually did make a temporary
copy, but that copy i clobbered on purpose and then said "oops"  :)

i started looking at undelete file utilities and then said, hey perhaps i have this scrolled in another terminal...

now the really nice feature would be if i actually made this into a system where my vi editor would automagically scroll it for me in some window... that will be for some other time. i don't want to
get sidetracked any more for the moment.  gardens are sidetracking
me enough...

just some thoughts in passing.  :)

I did Fortran programming on VAX/VMS machines back in the 1980's.  Its
file versioning feature was a godsend [1][2].  I want that on my Debian

2018-10-25 17:27:39 dpchrist@vstretch ~
$ cat /etc/debian_version

2018-10-25 17:28:26 dpchrist@vstretch ~
$ uname -a
Linux vstretch 4.9.0-8-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 4.9.110-3+deb9u6 (2018-10-08)
x86_64 GNU/Linux

2018-10-25 17:28:29 dpchrist@vstretch ~
$ apt-cache search versioning file system
copyfs - Versioning filesystem for FUSE
davfs2 - mount a WebDAV resource as a regular file system
dvcs-autosync - Automatically synchronize distributed version control
fsvs - Full system versioning with metadata support
fusedav - filesystem to mount WebDAV shares
incron - cron-like daemon which handles filesystem events
python-migrate - Database schema migration for SQLAlchemy - Python 2.7
python-migrate-doc - Database schema migration for SQLAlchemy - doc
python3-migrate - Database schema migration for SQLAlchemy - Python 3.x

Has anybody tried copyfs, fsvs, or anything else with file versioning?


[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Files-11

[2] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Versioning_file_system