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Re: a quick tip that sometimes saves a lot of further worries

Nicholas Geovanis wrote:
> Don't be afraid to use your backups (that you don't make.....)

  heh, well i did make one and i also did a push to
my other repository so at least now i have that code
elsewhere safe.

> I once restored most of a root filesystem I had deleted from a
> running server. The server stayed up the whole time, through
> the mess-up and the restore. Things like /lib.
> DEC Alpha running OSF/1  :-)

  rm -rf is dangerous to type in the wrong window.  i've gotten
in the habit of specifying at least part of the path now to 
avoid the worst of the typos that can be made...

> And.....was OSF/1 ever open-sourced?

  i thought everyone was running Plan 9...