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Re: ntp problem in broadcastclients

On 2018-10-25, Greg Wooledge <wooledg@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>> 2 machines report:
>> pi@picnc:/etc $ ntpq -p
>> No association ID's returned
> I've literally never seen such a message before.  I googled it, and there
> are definitely results that look relevant.  After adding "broadcast" to
> the search terms, I came up with this result:

I saw this:



  If you run ntpq -p and you get
  No association ID's returned


 dpkg-reconfigure ntp

Seems kind of too easy and rather short on the explicit details, though.

> http://lists.ntp.org/pipermail/questions/2014-December/039401.html
> Looks like a good starting point for your "broadcast" configuration.
> I hope this helps.

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