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Re: Package shared library with application

On Wed, Oct 24, 2018 at 06:34:16PM +0000, Damir Porobic wrote:
>    > It is difficult to help without the complete picture.  Can you please
>    > provide the complete build output from when you built the package and
>    > the complete console output from the package installation and the fail
>    > launch attempt?
>    Here is the installation and the failed launch:
>    [1]https://pastebin.com/QnvuFa0W
>    And here the build output: [2]https://pastebin.com/jbaxKfnj
>    I've checked on the machine where I install it and it looks like the lib
>    was not installed there.
>    I'm building the package in a Ubuntu docker container on travis ci. Let me
>    know if you need something else.
>    Thanks again for your time!
>    Regards,
>    Damir
It looks like your build does not actually create/install a library
called libkImageAnnotator.so.0.0.1.  That would be why it cannot be
found by the application binary.  Is the source package available online
somewhere I can take a look?



Roberto C. Sánchez