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Re: Advice on mailing list software -- special requirements

BTW, I'm on the mailing list, so you don't need to copy me directly.

On Tuesday, October 23, 2018 08:12:13 PM rhkramer@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
> On Tuesday, October 23, 2018 11:51:21 AM Dan Ritter wrote:
> > You have a weird restriction:
> I was trying to usurp Richard Owlett's position ;-)
> > "I don't want it to depend on (or be) an MTA"
> > 
> > and MTA is pretty much the definition of "can receive and send
> > arbitrary email messages", which is what you need.
> > 
> > courier is an MTA.
> > 
> > enemies-of-carlotta and the others you mention depend on having
> > at least some MTA available to them.
> > 
> > Given your restriction, you need a service.

I guess I could clarify -- I don't mind if the mailing list software uses my 
ISP's MTA, I don't want to have one on my own machine.  (Note that I don't 
consider kmail as being an MTA, but instead, being a Windows-style (mcow -- my 
choice of words) email client, using POP3 and SMTP to communicate to my ISP 
(and maybe to their MTA).

Anyway, as stated below, we'll probably use the service that has been 
volunteered to us.

> Thanks for your reply!
> I'm going to ramble for a minute:
>    * kmail, afaik, is not an MTA, but it can send and receive arbitrary
> email messages, so I thought that there might be a mail list manager that
> can do the same (I sometimes call that kind of thing a Windows-style email
> client)
>    * I guess I read the dependencies for courier-pop wrong, becaust it does
> seem to require an MTA, but, the other software I had on that list did not
> list either an MTA or a web server (unless I misread some of those, also)
> But, if none of those work, I'll go for a service -- one has already been
> graciously volunteered to us.