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Re: Advice on mailing list software -- special requirements

On Tue, Oct 23, 2018 at 09:53:57AM -0400, rhkramer@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
> I want to establish a mailing list for the group.
> I want to find either:
>    * a "service" that would host a mailing list for the group for free
>    * or, put a (simple) mailing list application on one of my machines, behind 
> a firewall (well, NAT) and not require the use of anything that (in my mind) 
> takes a lot of work or more knowledge than I have atm to setup -- for example, 
> I don't want it to depend on (or be) an MTA, Apache (or any other web server), 
> or even a windows email client that I'm not using (I currently use kmail, and 
> plan to stick with it).
> I'd prefer that, whatever I find, receive / retrieve posts via POP3 (via my 
> ISP) and send posts via SMTP (again, via my ISP), and I'd prefer that emails 
> be stored in mbox files (but, I could live with maildir).
> I looked at packages available that might meet my needs (just by searching for 
> mailing list in apper and then looking at the dependencies) -- I found the 
> following that might meet my needs -- I'll start by investigating courier (the 
> pop version).
>    * courier-pop
>    * enemies-of-carlotta
>    * mimmj
>    * quickml
>    * schleuder
>    * smartlist

You have a weird restriction:

"I don't want it to depend on (or be) an MTA"

and MTA is pretty much the definition of "can receive and send
arbitrary email messages", which is what you need.

courier is an MTA.

enemies-of-carlotta and the others you mention depend on having
at least some MTA available to them.

Given your restriction, you need a service.