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Advice on mailing list software -- special requirements

(Aside to Jeff: Just sending you a copy of this for your information.)

Background: I am working with a Linux SIG that used to be part of a more 
general computer group.  We plan to change the name to mention "LUG" (GLVLUG 
-- Greater Lehigh Valley Linux User Group).

I want to establish a mailing list for the group.

I want to find either:

   * a "service" that would host a mailing list for the group for free

   * or, put a (simple) mailing list application on one of my machines, behind 
a firewall (well, NAT) and not require the use of anything that (in my mind) 
takes a lot of work or more knowledge than I have atm to setup -- for example, 
I don't want it to depend on (or be) an MTA, Apache (or any other web server), 
or even a windows email client that I'm not using (I currently use kmail, and 
plan to stick with it).

I know I could do something in kmail by adding a mail list such that I could 
send out emails to a reasonable number of people, but that doesn't solve the 
problem of other people posting to the list.

I'd prefer that, whatever I find, receive / retrieve posts via POP3 (via my 
ISP) and send posts via SMTP (again, via my ISP), and I'd prefer that emails 
be stored in mbox files (but, I could live with maildir).

One of my machines is running Debian 7.11 (Wheezy), and the other is running 
Debian 8.11 (Jessie) -- I'd probably install whatever I find on the 8.11 

I looked at packages available that might meet my needs (just by searching for 
mailing list in apper and then looking at the dependencies) -- I found the 
following that might meet my needs -- I'll start by investigating courier (the 
pop version).

   * courier-pop
   * enemies-of-carlotta
   * mimmj
   * quickml
   * schleuder
   * smartlist

I'd appreciate any advice anyone can offer.