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Re: Won't boot if /, home, swap are encrypted

On 10/21/18 6:41 AM, D&P Dimov wrote:
> Definitely, I did not encrypt the /boot. Only the swap, home and root are encrypted.
> I should have mentioned also that I have an EFI System Partition instead of /boot, as it makes me create it. If I have /boot instead, it doesn't let me go on and makes me create a EFI. But it boots fine, as long as the home, root, and swap are not encrypted.
> Thanks!

You will need to have both a /boot/efi partition, and a /boot partition,
for encrypted boot.

So your partition table would need to look like this for what you want
to accomplish:

LUKS - /
LUKS - /swap
LUKS - /home

That said I'm not an expert on EFI installation via the Debian
installer. Can someone else chime in please?