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Re: An appropriate directory search tool?

On 2018-10-20, Richard Owlett <rowlett@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> But they did.
> That's why I wrote 'My take away from answers so far is "A script will 
> be required." '
> Perhaps we have different ideas of the definition of "script".
> I saw the examples which worked as scripts (even if written as one 
> liners). If I had attempted to use bash, I would have expected to use an 
> explicit pipe command between 'find' and 'grep'.

If you want to search a specific directory for files that do not contain
a certain string (a desire I believe you expressed somewhere along the
way), grep alone appears to meet that bill:

 grep -rL ~/my_directory -e "my string"

Of course, this is now a case of the blind guy appointing himself king of the
realm of the one-eyed man (you in this strained analogy).

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