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Re: Why does sound encoded with mencoder crackle in debian stretch but not in buster?

On Fri, Oct 19, 2018 at 04:09:19PM +0200, Markus Grunwald wrote:
> I'm transcoding some TV Series with mencoder. I wrote a script where the
> core is:
> mencoder 00001.ts -o 00001.avi -passlogfile /tmp/tmp.VQ6WZm1tSo/pass.log
> -demuxer lavf -nosub -vf softskip,harddup -aspect 16:9 -aid 0 -oac lavc
> -lavcopts acodec=ac3:abitrate=128 -ovc x264 -x264encopts
> pass=1:bitrate=800:nointerlaced:force_cfr:frameref=3:mixed_refs:bframes=4:b_adapt=2:b_pyramid=normal:weight_b:weightp=1:direct_pred=auto:aq_mode=1:me=umh:me_range=16:subq=7:nombtree:psy_rd=0.8,0.2:chroma_me:trellis=1:cabac:deblock:8x8dct:partitions=p8x8,b8x8,i8x8,i4x4:nofast_pskip:nodct_decimate:threads=auto:keyint=250:keyint_min=25
> This is probably the only interesting part for this post:
> -oac lavc -lavcopts acodec=ac3:abitrate=128
> I wrote that script on my laptop, a debian buster machine. Everything is
> fine here. But when I let the script run on the machine where all the
> recordings are stored (a debian stretch machine), the sound is
> disturbed. Some kind of ~6Hz crackle. Video is ok.
> IMHO it has to do with some different version of a binary or library.
> That's why I tried it with different audio encoder:
> -oac mp3lame -lameopts preset=medium
> Still the same.

-oac copy
do the same thing?