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Re: No Java in Eclipse Preferences


I've used Eclipse in the past (IDEA for now) and Debian is the best OS
for Java development for me :)

The installation is pretty easy, you just have to download the tarball :


You can choose the pre-package according to your language/usage.

The update and plugins can be managed directly in the Eclipse menu. You
can also configure several JDK for your projects.

For me it's not necessary to have a Debian package to use Eclipse.


François Papon

Le 19/10/2018 à 01:10, Ben Caradoc-Davies a écrit :
> On 19/10/2018 03:48, Kent West wrote:
>> I do feel a little tainted, going outside of the Debian repositories for
>> software. But I understand that in the world of Free Software,
>> there's not
>> always a volunteer available to maintain a package.
> Fear not. The Eclipse Foundation has fine Open Source credentials.
> I use Debian OpenJDK packages but applications like Eclipse and Maven
> I install from tarballs and run with wrapper scripts so I can choose
> JDK versions. In the Java ecosystem it seems much more common to
> bundle dependencies with applications. This is quite different to the
> Debian way of doing things, and untangling these dependencies seems to
> have been an insurmountable obstacle to Debian packaging. I am not
> saying that it cannot be done, just that the cost is sufficient to
> prevent it with the amount of available developer interest.
> I have found Debian to be a good platform for Java development.
> Kind regards,