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Re: No Java in Eclipse Preferences

On 19/10/2018 03:48, Kent West wrote:
I do feel a little tainted, going outside of the Debian repositories for
software. But I understand that in the world of Free Software, there's not
always a volunteer available to maintain a package.

Fear not. The Eclipse Foundation has fine Open Source credentials.

I use Debian OpenJDK packages but applications like Eclipse and Maven I install from tarballs and run with wrapper scripts so I can choose JDK versions. In the Java ecosystem it seems much more common to bundle dependencies with applications. This is quite different to the Debian way of doing things, and untangling these dependencies seems to have been an insurmountable obstacle to Debian packaging. I am not saying that it cannot be done, just that the cost is sufficient to prevent it with the amount of available developer interest.

I have found Debian to be a good platform for Java development.

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