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Re: No Java in Eclipse Preferences

On Thu, Oct 18, 2018 at 09:48:54AM -0500, Kent West wrote:
>    Thanks for your response, Roberto. That helps. I purged all I could find
>    of Eclipse, and then downloaded their installer from the [2]eclipse.org
>    website, and then their "Eclipse IDE for Java Developers", and with a
>    little trial-and-error (their tutorial was a bit unclear), got a working
>    "Hello, World" program.
>    It's a start.

I am glad you were able to get it working.  If you haven't found this
site already, let me make a recommendation:


The author runs a company around Java and Eclipse development/consulting
and his tutorials are top notch.  I recommend them to my students when
they are struggling with some of the advanced IDE features.

>    I do feel a little tainted, going outside of the Debian repositories for
>    software. But I understand that in the world of Free Software, there's not
>    always a volunteer available to maintain a package.
>    This moves me forward. Thanks!

I agree.  The conclusion that I have reached is that some "applications"
that are really highly complex software ecosystems do not really lend
themselves to the Debian packaging model.

Perhaps if there was a barebones type of package that you could install
with the ability to install additional compnents through the package
manager but then also the ability to install packages that override
those (like you might do with Python's PIP, CPAN, and so on).  However,
even that has its problems.

Perhaps we will get there at some point.



Roberto C. Sánchez